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Factors Influencing Wellbeing among Working Mothers of Small and Medium Enterprises in Europe: The Moderating Role of Supervisory Support

Eern Yie Choo
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  • pages:19-38

Entrepreneurial Training and Entrepreneurial Intentions

A Mediated Mediation Analysis of Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy and Attitude of Undergraduate Finalists in Uganda

Moses Kisame Kisubi, Michael Korir
  • Abstract 824  
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  • pages:73-84

Assessment of Entrepreneurial Behavior Skills among Small Farmers: An Exploratory Study

John Agbolosoo, Richmond Anaman
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  • pages:17-33

E-Banking Technology Characteristics and Performance of Micro and Small Enterprise in Kenya

A Moderated Mediation Model of Adoption and Innovative Behavior

Beatrice Kitigin, Michael Korir, Kefa Chepkwony
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  • pages:13-30

Entrepreneurship, Professionalism and Leadership Intention of Generation Z

The Case of Kahta

Gulsen Kirpik
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  • pages:58-72

Entrepreneurial Marketing Theory: Current Developments and Future Research Agenda

Tayyab Amjad, Shamsul Huda Abdul Rani, Shiza Sa'atar
  • Abstract 2453  
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  • pages:27-46

A New Dimension of Entrepreneurial Marketing and Key Challenges: A Case Study from Pakistan

Tayyab Amjad, Shamsul Huda Abdul Rani, Shiza Sa'atar
  • Abstract 1628  
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  • pages:1-14

Does Entrepreneur Innovativeness Moderate The Relationship Between Strategic Orientation And Financial Inclusion?

Judith Ndinda Nguli, Robert Mukoswa Odunga
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  • pages:30-48

Mitigating the Challenges of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
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  • pages:82-99