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Tobin-Q, Liquidity and Momentum risk-premia: A Demonstration of Weighted Least Squares Regression Approach

Mohammad Azam
  • Abstract 50  
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  • pages:98-122

Corporate Tax Avoidance and the Cost of Debt Capital of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

Halima Abdullahi Baba, Prof. Muhammad Liman Muhammad
  • Abstract 182  
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  • pages:74-83

A Review of Machine Learning Applications for Credit Card Fraud Detection with A Case study

Zahra Faraji
  • Abstract 2250  
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  • pages:49-59

On Exports and Economic Growth: Revisiting Export-Led Growth Hypothesis Including North-South Divide

Dr. Suraj Sharma
  • Abstract 749  
  • PDF: 360  
  • pages:31-48

Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Returns of Indian Listed Companies

Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Dey, Debabrata Sharma
  • Abstract 387  
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  • pages:88-99

Free Cash Flow and Investment Efficiency of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

Aliyu Sulaiman Kantudu, Abubakar Sadiq Umar
  • Abstract 510  
  • PDF: 467  
  • pages:77-88

Segmenting Investors on their Biases Manifested in Investment Decision-Making by Individual Investors

Afreen Fatima, Jitendra Kumar Sharma
  • Abstract 798  
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  • pages:16-32

A longitudinal Perspective on Efficiency of Airlines in Europe and the U.S

Minh-Anh Nguyen Thi
  • Abstract 346  
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  • pages:11-24

Appraising Public Value in the Public Sector: Re-evaluation of the Strategic Triangle

Malang B.S. Bojang
  • Abstract 1134  
  • PDF: 760  
  • pages:1-10

Pakistan’s Infrastructure Capital-Growth Analysis

Muhammad Ahmad Mazher, Prof. Dr. Jauhari Dahalan
  • Abstract 426  
  • PDF: 362  
  • pages:1-12

Management of Exchange Rate Risk in SMEs

Reflections on Exchange Rate Pass-through and Hedging of Currency Risk

Imtiaz Badshah, Trond-Arne Borgersen
  • Abstract 705  
  • PDF: 341  
  • pages:35-49

Does Structural Power Matter? Board Attributes and Firm Performance

Moderated by CEO Duality

Fiona Jepkosgei Korir, Joel K. Tenai
  • Abstract 502  
  • PDF: 371  
  • pages:54-64

Evaluating the Heterogeneous Effect of Firm Risk on Firm Value

Thi Hong Nhung Nguyen
  • Abstract 473  
  • PDF: 332  
  • pages:24-32

A System Dynamics Model Of Exchange Rate Determination And Forecasting

Aima Khan
  • Abstract 896  
  • PDF: 502  
  • pages:44-55

Scale and Skill in Mutual Fund Management: Evidence from Norway

Markus Snøve Høiberg
  • Abstract 722  
  • PDF: 438  
  • pages:1-20

Empirical Evidence of Co-Movement between the Canadian CDS, Stock Market And TSX 60 Volatility Index

A Wavelet Approach

Ramzan Ali, Usman Ullah Butt, Muhammad Musa Khan, Muhammad Shaheer, Farhan Abbas Zaidi
  • Abstract 840  
  • PDF: 386  
  • pages:51-64

Audit Committee Effectiveness and Earnings Management Among Publicly Listed Firms in Kenya

Collins Kapkiyai, Josephat Cheboi, Joyce Komen
  • Abstract 1363  
  • PDF: 848  
  • pages:31-44

Do Bank Size Moderate Relationship between Banks’ Portfolio Diversification and Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya?

Stephen Githaiga Ngware, Tobias Olweny, Willy Muturi
  • Abstract 834  
  • PDF: 770  
  • pages:14-30

The Role of Ownership Concentration and Dividend Policy on Firm Performance

Evidence from an Emerging Market of Pakistan

Sadia Murtaza, Ahmad Noor-Ud-Din, Amel Aguir, Saadia Batool
  • Abstract 1748  
  • PDF: 829  
  • pages:1-13

Structural Breaks and Volatility Spillover in South Asian Economies

Hafiz Rauf Iqbal, Syed Kashif Saeed, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah
  • Abstract 493  
  • PDF: 408  
  • pages:64-77

Does Demutualization Spur Liquidity?

Farman Ali, Man Wang, Imran Ali, Syed Tauseef ALi
  • Abstract 672  
  • PDF: 418  
  • pages:15-26

The Relationship between Real Earnings Management and Cost Behavior

Bismark Yiadom Boakye, Francis Atiso, Elvis Koranteng
  • Abstract 831  
  • PDF: 516  
  • pages:65-77

Effect of Ownership Structure on Corporate Diversification of Listed Firms in Kenya

The Moderating Role of Capital Structure

Peninah Jepkogei Tanui, Dr. Josephat Cheboi Yegon, Dr. Ronald Bonuke
  • Abstract 1035  
  • PDF: 815  
  • pages:29-46

The Moderating Effect of Institutional Ownership on Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance of Listed Conglomerates

Isah Umar Kibiya, Bilyaminu Shittu Aminu, Khadija Salihu Abubakar
  • Abstract 1315  
  • PDF: 949  
  • pages:20-28

Role of Credit Information Sharing and the Funding Cost of Banks

Evidence from the Top Ten “AA Rating” Commercial Banks of Pakistan

Ramzan Ali, Sami Ullah Butt, Zahir Zahid Butt, Shahid Manzoor Shah, Fiaz Ahmad Sulehri
  • Abstract 763  
  • PDF: 444  
  • pages:88-95