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Impact of Ownership Structure and Corporate Governance on Earning Management

Empirical Findings from Listed Firms on the Pakistan Stock Exchange

Babar Bashir, Muhammad Rashid, Zeeshan Bashir
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  • pages:1-20

Tobin-Q, Liquidity and Momentum risk-premia: A Demonstration of Weighted Least Squares Regression Approach

Mohammad Azam
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  • pages:98-122

Corporate Tax Avoidance and the Cost of Debt Capital of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

Halima Abdullahi Baba, Prof. Muhammad Liman Muhammad
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  • pages:74-83

A Review of Machine Learning Applications for Credit Card Fraud Detection with A Case study

Zahra Faraji
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  • pages:49-59

On Exports and Economic Growth: Revisiting Export-Led Growth Hypothesis Including North-South Divide

Dr. Suraj Sharma
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  • pages:31-48

Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Returns of Indian Listed Companies

Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Dey, Debabrata Sharma
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  • pages:88-99

Free Cash Flow and Investment Efficiency of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

Aliyu Sulaiman Kantudu, Abubakar Sadiq Umar
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  • pages:77-88

Segmenting Investors on their Biases Manifested in Investment Decision-Making by Individual Investors

Afreen Fatima, Jitendra Kumar Sharma
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  • pages:16-32

A longitudinal Perspective on Efficiency of Airlines in Europe and the U.S

Minh-Anh Nguyen Thi
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  • pages:11-24

Appraising Public Value in the Public Sector: Re-evaluation of the Strategic Triangle

Malang B.S. Bojang
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  • pages:1-10

Pakistan’s Infrastructure Capital-Growth Analysis

Muhammad Ahmad Mazher, Prof. Dr. Jauhari Dahalan
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  • pages:1-12

Management of Exchange Rate Risk in SMEs

Reflections on Exchange Rate Pass-through and Hedging of Currency Risk

Imtiaz Badshah, Trond-Arne Borgersen
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  • pages:35-49

Does Structural Power Matter? Board Attributes and Firm Performance

Moderated by CEO Duality

Fiona Jepkosgei Korir, Joel K. Tenai
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  • pages:54-64

Evaluating the Heterogeneous Effect of Firm Risk on Firm Value

Thi Hong Nhung Nguyen
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  • pages:24-32

A System Dynamics Model Of Exchange Rate Determination And Forecasting

Aima Khan
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  • pages:44-55

Scale and Skill in Mutual Fund Management: Evidence from Norway

Markus Snøve Høiberg
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  • pages:1-20

Empirical Evidence of Co-Movement between the Canadian CDS, Stock Market And TSX 60 Volatility Index

A Wavelet Approach

Ramzan Ali, Usman Ullah Butt, Muhammad Musa Khan, Muhammad Shaheer, Farhan Abbas Zaidi
  • Abstract 945  
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  • pages:51-64

Audit Committee Effectiveness and Earnings Management Among Publicly Listed Firms in Kenya

Collins Kapkiyai, Josephat Cheboi, Joyce Komen
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  • pages:31-44

Do Bank Size Moderate Relationship between Banks’ Portfolio Diversification and Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya?

Stephen Githaiga Ngware, Tobias Olweny, Willy Muturi
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  • pages:14-30

The Role of Ownership Concentration and Dividend Policy on Firm Performance

Evidence from an Emerging Market of Pakistan

Sadia Murtaza, Ahmad Noor-Ud-Din, Amel Aguir, Saadia Batool
  • Abstract 1910  
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  • pages:1-13

Structural Breaks and Volatility Spillover in South Asian Economies

Hafiz Rauf Iqbal, Syed Kashif Saeed, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah
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  • pages:64-77

Does Demutualization Spur Liquidity?

Farman Ali, Man Wang, Imran Ali, Syed Tauseef ALi
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  • pages:15-26

The Relationship between Real Earnings Management and Cost Behavior

Bismark Yiadom Boakye, Francis Atiso, Elvis Koranteng
  • Abstract 934  
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  • pages:65-77

Effect of Ownership Structure on Corporate Diversification of Listed Firms in Kenya

The Moderating Role of Capital Structure

Peninah Jepkogei Tanui, Dr. Josephat Cheboi Yegon, Dr. Ronald Bonuke
  • Abstract 1142  
  • PDF: 892  
  • pages:29-46

The Moderating Effect of Institutional Ownership on Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance of Listed Conglomerates

Isah Umar Kibiya, Bilyaminu Shittu Aminu, Khadija Salihu Abubakar
  • Abstract 1427  
  • PDF: 1058  
  • pages:20-28