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Technostress and Telecommuting in the Context of Covid-19: Evidence from Cambodia’s Higher Education Institutes

Romny Ly, Bora Ly
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  • pages:60-71

Impact of COVID-19 on Student’s Emotional and Financial Aspects in the Higher Learning Institutions

Muhammad Zarunnaim Haji Wahab, Kamarudin Othman
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  • pages:1-15

Behind Covid-19: Panic Buying, Service Convenience in Modern Market Indonesia

Nourissa Dinda Syachadi, Agatha Christy Avega Dumatri, Muhammad Fajar Wahyudi Rahman, Hujjatullah Fazlurrahman
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  • pages:45-55

Web-based Seminar - New Source of Qualitative Study: Data Collection during the Pandemic of COVID-19

Wen Ni Tiong, Anne Freda Siaw Fen Sim
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  • pages:50-64

Technology Management for Accelerated Recovery during COVID-19

A Data-Driven Machine Learning Approach

Swapnil Morande, Dr. Veena Tewari
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  • pages:33-53