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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2024): SEISENSE Business Review

Welcome to Volume 4, Issue 1 of SEISENSE Business Review (SBR)! We are excited to announce the publication of our first article in this issue. As a social science journal, SBR provides a platform for academics and professionals to share the latest developments and advances in knowledge and practice of global business dimensions. Although SBR is published annually, we aim to make research available to researchers as quickly as possible. As a result, we add accepted, proofread, and copyedited articles to the current issue on a rolling basis. This allows us to publish timely research and provide quick access to our readership. In this issue, we invite you to explore a range of topics related to digitalization and global business. Our focus areas include business management, digital leadership, logistics and the use of blockchain technology, business ethical challenges, entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises, tourism and hoteling, health and well-being, and sociology and psychology.

Published: 2024-04-26


Research Articles

Psychological Safety and Innovative Work Behavior: Does Socially Responsible Leadership Matter?

Mahadih Kyambade, Regis Namuddu, Joshua Mugambwa, Afulah Namatovu
  • Abstract 443  
  • PDF: 421  
  • pages:1-13

Insurance Companies’ Salesperson Lead Qualification Skills and Salesperson’s Performance: Mediating Role of Salesperson’s Adaptive Selling Behavior

Richard Mwesige, Prof. Ronald Bonuke, Dr. Situma Claire
  • Abstract 87  
  • PDF: 52  
  • pages:14-28

Staff Commitment in Ugandan Public Universities: Does Servant Leadership Matter?

Mahadih Kyambade, Joshua Mugambwa, Regis Namuddu, Afulah Namatovu, Godwin Kwemarira
  • Abstract 249  
  • PDF: 223  
  • pages:29-43

Job Insecurity And Job Disengagement Among Private Security Personnel: Moderated-Moderation Model

Isaac Okyere, Prince Addai, Bright Kumordzi, Millicent Wiafe-Kwagyan, Bernice Adjei
  • Abstract 72  
  • PDF: 62  
  • pages:44-56

Unearthing The Contribution of Ethical Orientation and Marketing Strategies in Catalyzing Usage of Locally Made Products: Insights from Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Ahmad Walugembe, Dr. Obedgiu Vincent, Dr. Nkurunziza Gideon, Sendawula Kasimu, Salma Ndagire
  • Abstract 39  
  • PDF: 37  
  • pages:57-74

Strategic Human Resource Management Practices as Antecedents of Employee Corporate Entrepreneurial Intensity

The Moderation of Organizational Culture

Jose Rommel Era
  • Abstract 53  
  • PDF: 65  
  • pages:75-97

Technological Innovation and Commercial Banks' Financial Performance: A Mediation Analysis of Risk Management Practices

Mahadih Kyambade, Rehema Kagere, Afulah Namatovu, Abdul Male Ssentumbwe, Monica Tushabe, Sheilla Oyella
  • Abstract 41  
  • PDF: 21  
  • pages:98-117
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