Vol. 2 No. 3 (2019): SEISENSE Journal of Management

Published: 2019-04-20


Research Articles

Talent Management and Workers’ Commitment

Oil & Gas Firms in Nigeria

Edeh Ogbu Friday, Mlanga Sunday
  • Abstract 2666  
  • PDF: 1466  
  • pages:1-15

The Mediating Effect of Intellectual Capital on Corporate Governance and Performance of Conglomerates in Nigeria

Ahmed Jinjri Bala, Dr. Anand Shankar Raja Manivannan, Kabiru Isa Dandago
  • Abstract 2203  
  • PDF: 867  
  • pages:16-29

Influence of Age group on Job Satisfaction in Academia

Milan Shrestha
  • Abstract 1746  
  • PDF: 941  
  • pages:30-41

Psychological Contract Fulfillment on Employees Reactions within the Context of Organizational Justice

Abdul Khaliq, Kashif Mehmood, Aamir Zamir Kamboh, Kainat Durrani, Muhammad Haidar Zarar, Shaheen Nazar
  • Abstract 1061  
  • PDF: 803  
  • pages:42-57

Do Non-Traditional Income, Size, and Growth Affect the Performance of the Banks?

Evidence from the Big Three Countries of South Asia

Ramzan Ali, Zahir Zahid Butt, Sami Ullah Butt
  • Abstract 749  
  • PDF: 489  
  • pages:58-66

Factors Limiting the Full-scale Adoption of Process and Product Innovation in the Nigerian Construction Industry

Emmanuel Chidiebere Eze, Onyinye SOFOLAHAN, Adesoji Anthony ADEGBOYEGA, Kenneth John SAIDU
  • Abstract 750  
  • PDF: 518  
  • pages:67-81

Mitigating the Challenges of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
  • Abstract 2460  
  • PDF: 1075  
  • pages:82-99