Vol. 2 No. 1 (2019): SEISENSE Journal of Management

Published: 2019-01-12


Research Articles

A Comparative Study of Banking Industry Based on Appraisal System, Rewards and Employee Performance

Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, Dr. Rizwan Qaisar Danish, Syed Adnan Ali, Hafiz Fawad Ali, Dr. Asad Afzal Humayon
  • Abstract 6847  
  • PDF: 4033  
  • pages:1-11

Compliance of Financial Statements of Islamic Banks of Pakistan with AAOIFI Guidelines in General Presentation and Disclosure

Asim Ehsan, Syed Kashif Saeed, Muhammad Asghar Shahzad, Hafiz Rauf Iqbal
  • Abstract 856  
  • PDF: 635  
  • pages:12-21

Impact of Talent Management Practices on Employee Performance

An Empirical Study Among Healthcare Employees

Munaza Bibi
  • Abstract 14608  
  • PDF: 7919  
  • pages:22-32

Employment of Set Operations to Improve LMP Assessments Design and Implementation

Malek Khalaf Albezuirat, Rosmaini Ahmad, Muhammad Iqbal Hussain, Falah Mustafa Al-Saraireh, Asia Khalaf Albzeirat
  • Abstract 700  
  • PDF: 490  
  • pages:33-46

Employee Training and Succession Planning of Selected Deposit Money Banks in Abia State, Nigeria

Edeh Ogbu Friday
  • Abstract 1431  
  • PDF: 1174  
  • pages:47-56

Assessing the Impact of Work Environment on Employee Engagement among Non-Academic Staff of the University

Yusuf Nasidi, A. U. Makera, A. M. Kamaruddeen, I. M. Jemaku
  • Abstract 2636  
  • PDF: 2043  
  • pages:57-68

The Impact of Strategic Planning on Growth of Small Businesses in Nigeria.

Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
  • Abstract 2365  
  • PDF: 1610  
  • pages:69-84

Factors Affecting life Satisfaction of Employees under Financial Threat

Dr. Rizwan Qaisar Danish, Rabia Shahid, Hafiz Fawad Ali
  • Abstract 2026  
  • PDF: 1059  
  • pages:85-98

What Determines Bond Market Development? New Theoretical Insights

Ameenullah Aman, Asmadi Mohamed Naim, Mohamad Yazid Isa
  • Abstract 1165  
  • PDF: 777  
  • pages:99-106

The Effect of Budgetary Participation, Organizational Commitment, and Leadership Styles on the Employees’ Performance

Mila Purani Sistiyan, Palikhatun Palikhatun, Payamta Payamta
  • Abstract 1255  
  • PDF: 813  
  • pages:107-117