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Navigating the VUCA Terrain: Unveiling HR Strategies for Modern Organizational Agility

M. Chowdhury
  • Abstract 372  
  • PDF: 258  
  • pages:67-82

Socially Responsible Leadership and Job Engagement in University Context: Mediation of Psychological Safety

Mahadih Kyambade, Afulah Namatovu, Joshua Mugambwa, Regis Namuddu, Bridget Namubiru
  • Abstract 235  
  • PDF: 191  
  • pages:51-66

Employee Performance Model: Analysis of Training, Organizational Culture and Work Environment by Mediating Work Discipline

Abdur Rachman Alkaf, Eddy Yunus, Sri Utami Ady
  • Abstract 202  
  • PDF: 180  
  • pages:35-50

An Examination of Employee Rewards and Work Environment on Employee Creativity and Innovation

Dickson Mdhlalose
  • Abstract 645  
  • PDF: 419  
  • pages:21-34

Organisational Commitment and Turnover Intentions: Does Self-Efficacy Matter?

Julius Samuel Opolot, Charles Lagat, Stanley Kipsang
  • Abstract 195  
  • PDF: 162  
  • pages:123-140

An Investigation into Work-Family Balance and Employee Resilience among Female Bankers

The Mediating role of Organizational Support

Prof. Vincent Bagire, Mariam Tauba, Sarah Kyamulabi
  • Abstract 288  
  • PDF: 166  
  • pages:84-97

Caught in the Crossfire: How Work-Family Conflict Affects the Lives of Married Nurses in India

Fatima Riyaz Khateeb
  • Abstract 431  
  • PDF: 337  
  • pages:58-73

Organizational Learning Process, CEO Values and Sustainability Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Uganda

Freddie Lwanga, Professor Micheal Korir, Dr. Ronald Bonuke
  • Abstract 902  
  • PDF: 516  
  • pages:39-57

Job Insecurity and Turnover Intentions among Banking Sector Employees: The Moderating Role of Organizational Support and Ethical Leadership

Prince Addai, Rejoice Mottey, Michelle Afrifah, Augustine Osei Boakye
  • Abstract 1426  
  • PDF: 1085  
  • pages:17-30

Green Human Resource Management Practices and Environmental Performance in Ghana: The Role of Green Innovation

Isaac Ahakwa, Jingzhao Yang, Evelyn Agba Tackie, Mercy Asamany
  • Abstract 1736  
  • PDF: 1954  
  • pages:100-119

Psychological Contract Fulfillment and Attitude towards Organizational Change: A Mediation and Moderation Analysis of Affective Commitment and Empowering Leadership

Henry Samuel Edosomwan, Chiyem Lucky Nwanzu
  • Abstract 1745  
  • PDF: 498  
  • pages:62-76

Development Idiosyncratic Deals and Employee Performance

Mariam Tauba, Andrew Kimwolo
  • Abstract 723  
  • PDF: 466  
  • pages:63-72

The Influence of Employee Engagement, Work Environment and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment and Performance of Employees: A Sampling Weights in PLS path Modelling

Isaac Ahakwa, Jingzhao Yang, Evelyn Agba Tackie, Samuel Atingabili
  • Abstract 7541  
  • PDF: 4085  
  • pages:34-62

Performance Appraisal and Promotion Practices of Public Commercial Banks in Bangladesh- A Case Study on ACR Method

Nishath Anjum, Md. Mashfiqur Rahman
  • Abstract 1513  
  • PDF: 1632  
  • pages:1-16

Organizational-Based Self-Esteem and Organizational Identification as Predictors of Turnover Intention: Mediating Role of Organizational Trust

Tochukwu Matthew Oguegbe, Henry Samuel Edosomwan
  • Abstract 2964  
  • PDF: 1626  
  • pages:56-71

Exploring the Impact of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention

Evidence from Mobile Telecommunication Companies in Ghana

Benard Korankye, Evelyn Amakyewaa
  • Abstract 1152  
  • PDF: 679  
  • pages:31-46

Empowering Leadership and Employee Creativity: The Mediating Role of Psychological Empowerment

A Nuzul, Andree Dwijanto Witjaksono, Anang Kistyanto
  • Abstract 1636  
  • PDF: 1119  
  • pages:14-25

Promoting Behavioral Support for Change: A Conservation of Resources Theory Perspective

Farhan Mehboob, Noraini Othman
  • Abstract 1110  
  • PDF: 719  
  • pages:1-13

Employee Empowerment and Innovative Work Behavior

The Moderating Role of Leader-Member Exchange

Mercy Kananu Kanake, Dr. Ambrose Kemboi
  • Abstract 1285  
  • PDF: 1088  
  • pages:13-23

Organizational Justice and Employee Sustainability: The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment

Mehreen Fatima Qaisrani, Zeeshan Izhar, Dr. Zaheer Abbas Kazmi
  • Abstract 1159  
  • PDF: 875  
  • pages:12-22

Ethical Leadership and Whistleblowing: Mediating Role of Stress and Moderating Effect of Interactional Justice

Muhammad Osaid Rabie, Marlin Abdul Malek
  • Abstract 2052  
  • PDF: 1623  
  • pages:1-11

Ethical Leadership and Employee Ethical Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Mechanisms

Muhammad Osaid Rabie, Marlin Abdul Malek
  • Abstract 2676  
  • PDF: 2481  
  • pages:73-88

Leadership Practice for Building Trust of Followers: Decisive Factors of Organizational Performance

Ba Phong Le, Quang Thang Tran
  • Abstract 2945  
  • PDF: 1653  
  • pages:45-57

What is the effect of Organizational Justice and Perceived Organizational and Supervisor Support on Employee’s Level of Trust?

Sadia Arif, Ozair Kundi, Muhammad Suleman Khan
  • Abstract 1107  
  • PDF: 776  
  • pages:47-63

Board Leadership, Chief Executive Officer Optimism and Firm Innovation

Joel Tuwey, Dr. Vincent Ngeno
  • Abstract 1154  
  • PDF: 705  
  • pages:1-16