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Knowledge Creation and Business Process Re-Engineering Outcomes of Financial Services

Moderating Effect of Knowledge Sharing

Dr. Nkurunziza Gideon, Dr. Walugembe Ahmed, Prof. Ntayi Joseph Mpeera, Vincent Obedgiu
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  • pages:141-158

Factors Influencing Wellbeing among Working Mothers of Small and Medium Enterprises in Europe: The Moderating Role of Supervisory Support

Eern Yie Choo
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  • pages:19-38

Relationship Between Strategic Direction, Core Competencies And Firm Competitiveness Among Manufacturing Firms In Uganda

James Oguta, Andrew Kimwolo, Thomas K. Cheruiyot
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  • pages:72-86

Does Environmental Knowledge Matter? Social Influence and Pro-Environmental Behavior in University Students: An Indirect Effect Model

Gabriel Simiyu, Valentine Kariuki, Mwengei Ombaba, Robert Otuya
  • Abstract 1403  
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  • pages:1-16

Role of Knowledge Creation and Absorptive Capacity: A Panel Data Study of Innovation

Kamran Hameed, Noman Arshed, Mubbasher Munir
  • Abstract 714  
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  • pages:25-44

Impact of Market Learning on Management Innovation: Mediating role of Knowledge Integration

Saman Fatima, Roshan Luqman
  • Abstract 909  
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  • pages:1-12

Social Influence And Savings Behavior: Evidence From A Developing Country Context

Eva Mpaata, Naomy Koskei, Ernest Saina
  • Abstract 2088  
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  • pages:56-67

Conflicts between Students Living on-Campus Dormitories

The Case of Dormitories at Eastern Mediterranean University Campus

Nadia Jobbehdar Nourafkan, Balsam Jumah , Rabia Asif, Abolfazl DEHGHANMONGABADI
  • Abstract 2552  
  • PDF: 1292  
  • pages:31-43

Technology Acceptance of E-Banking Services in an Unnatural Environment

Adeyemi Adepoju, Adebola Adeniji
  • Abstract 837  
  • PDF: 693  
  • pages:34-50

Contributions of Working Conditions on Teachers’ Attitude in School Settings of Nepal

Anan Lama, Milan Shrestha
  • Abstract 751  
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  • pages:23-33

Mediating Effects of Financial Innovations between Behavioral Factors and Financial Inclusion of Micro Enterprises in Kenya

Gladys Byegon, Dr. Josephat Cheboi, Dr. Ronald Bonuke
  • Abstract 934  
  • PDF: 846  
  • pages:49-64

Does Board Education Diversity Affect Environmental Accounting Disclosure?

Evidence from Listed Firms in Kenya

Tarus John Kipngetich, Dr. Ronald Bonuke, Dr. Joel Tenai
  • Abstract 1089  
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  • pages:17-29

The Role of Knowledge Adoptive Capacity towards Exports Performance

An Evidence from Textile Sector

Ramaisa Aqdas, Nik Ab Halim Nik Abdullah
  • Abstract 768  
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  • pages:62-71

Industry-Level Disparities in Antitrust Enforcement

Md. Mominul Islam, Imrul Hossain Chowdhury, Sabrina Islam
  • Abstract 1178  
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  • pages:47-61

Social Media, External Prestige and Students’ Attitude towards Postgraduate Enrollment

A Conditional Process Analysis across Levels of University Reputation

Gabriel Simiyu, Dr. Joyce Komen, Dr. Ronald Bonuke
  • Abstract 1739  
  • PDF: 936  
  • pages:1-19

The Mediating Effect of Intellectual Capital on Corporate Governance and Performance of Conglomerates in Nigeria

Ahmed Jinjri Bala, Dr. Anand Shankar Raja Manivannan, Kabiru Isa Dandago
  • Abstract 2280  
  • PDF: 912  
  • pages:16-29

Assessment of Quantity Surveying Firms' Process and Product Innovation Drive in Nigeria

Onyeagam Onyealilam Peter, Emmanuel Chidiebere Eze, Adegboyega Adesoji Anthony
  • Abstract 1704  
  • PDF: 1522  
  • pages:22-38

Peer effects, Financial Decisions and Industry Concentration

A review

Isma Zaighum, Dr. Mohd Zaini Abd Karim
  • Abstract 1971  
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  • pages:13-21

An Investigation of the Diversification Roles of Contractor

Nur Azila Adros, Dr. Nazirah Zainul Abidin
  • Abstract 1059  
  • PDF: 1094  
  • pages:1-12

The Impact of Strategic Planning on Growth of Small Businesses in Nigeria.

Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
  • Abstract 2481  
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  • pages:69-84

Programming Ethics in Self-Driving Cars: Ethical Dilemma

Najam Ul Hassan
  • Abstract 2255  
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  • pages:1-5

Ransomware Attack on Medstar: Ethical Position statement

Najam Ul Hassan
  • Abstract 1594  
  • PDF: 788  
  • pages:29-31

Reflections from Dr. Nick Bontis Scholarly Contributions in the Field of Learning Organization.

Muhammad Saad Ameer
  • Abstract 732  
  • PDF: 383  
  • pages:I-V

Dogma of Profit Maximization

A Sight to Open Secrets

Qamar Uz Zaman Malik
  • Abstract 545  
  • PDF: 396  
  • pages:53-60

Determining the Factors of Profitability in Islamic and Conventional Banks Of Pakistan

Management Perspective

Mahmood Ali
  • Abstract 1007  
  • PDF: 562  
  • pages:9-21