Continuous Publishing Model


The SEISENSE Journal of Management has changed its publication structure to Continuous Publishing.

This means that accepted papers are published under the Current Issue as soon as they are ready. And Forthcoming Issue section has become obsolete. The Current Issue will build gradually, with articles being added to the list as soon as they are peer-reviewed, accepted by the editorial board, copyedited and proofread. This will shorten the production cycle and published articles will be indexed in the relevant databases immediately as well. The journal will continue to publish its six issues a year with the publishing deadline on 25th of January, March, May, July, September, and November. After the deadline is passed, it will be closed and the next issue will start getting the articles.

Continuous publication model means that papers are published online as the final and complete version of record. Therefore, papers cannot be corrected for typos or minor errors after they are published.