SEISENSE Journal of Management (SJOM) peer-reviewed and published as Bi-Monthly (six issues in a year), is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles that have a high impact on the management field as a whole. SEISENSE JoM covers domains such as Business strategy & policy, OB, HRM, Organizational theory, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management, and Tourism Management.

The SEISENSE JoM is interested in original, innovative and highly rigorous research. The domain of study (be it defined by country, management problem, or methodological approach) is much less important than quality and interest to both an academic readership and, preferably, a sophisticated practitioner one. What distinguishes the SEISENSE JoM from other journals is its emphasis on general management. In practice, this means that high-quality articles within the discipline areas will be entertained while cross-disciplinary approaches, addressing cross-disciplinary problems, or with cross-disciplinary managerial implications will be particularly well received. Another characteristic of the SEISENSE JoM is that of relevance. Articles will be more academically sophisticated than industry-targeted management journals but may share the objective of having a contribution that is relevant to a practitioner audience. Of course, relevant, and supportable managerial implications does not mean that the article needs to be written for a lay audience. Implications and writing style are two different issues. We strongly prefer papers that explain their main intuition, logic, and implications in clear and concise English. Importantly, papers must be written in a transparent and accessible manner and here necessary, we recommend authors use the services of a professional editor for English expression and grammar. If you have any queries you wish to direct to the Editor-in-Chief, please contact in the first instance.